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The plugin sort search results based on relevance rather than date. Without doubt, SearchWP is one of the best search plugins available to WordPress users. I recommend checking it out. Official Website. 3. Relevanssi — FREE/£94.90-plus.

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Build Unlimited Websites. Just Download Now. 16 Mar 2021 search query term is included in the custom field content versus the image alt text. SearchWP works with the native WordPress search box, as well as the Relevanssi is the most popular free WordPress search plug 26 Mar 2021 Site Search 360; Ajax Search Lite; Ajax Search Pro – Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin; Relevanssi – A Better Search; SearchWP  Advanced Woo Search; ACF: Better Search; Ivory Search; Ajax Search Lite; Better Search; Relevanssi; Swiftype Site Search; Reactive Search Pro; SearchWP  a broad gamut of useful functionalities and contains something for everyone: Better Search. AJAX Search Lite.

Once you install the plugin, it will replace the standard search feature to a robust engine which enhances the search results. It allows users to search using keywords, sentences, etc. The plugin sort search results based on relevance rather than date.

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I’ve integrated Relevanssi and live searchWP and I’m now looking to modify the searchform.php to include filtering the results with: Search only in a custom pod field (e.g. Search only in book.table_of_content) Filter by a pod taxonomy (e.g. subject) Ideally these filters would impact the live search and also the results displayed in search.php Ivory Search and SearchWP could be ideal for a large eCommerce store. On the other hand, if you are seeking a WordPress search tool for blogs and other sites offering web content, then your top choice could be the Relevanssi or Ajax Search Lite plugin.

Relevanssi vs searchwp

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Relevanssi vs searchwp

SearchWP är ett populärt WordPress-sökplugin. Liksom Relevanssi integreras den med den inbyggda WordPress-sökwidgeten och är mestadels inriktad på att  med WooCommerce; Kompatibel med Easy Digital Downloads; Kompatibel med Relevanssi; Kompatibel med SearchWP; JS och PHP-API för utvecklare.

Advanced Woo Search.
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Ivory Search has its pros such as the Ajax Functionality, but Relevanssi focuses specifically on the relevancy of the results: Search results sorted in the order of relevance, not by date.

Advanced Woo Search. SearchWP.
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